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Anachronisms are the foundation

It’s a world of chivalry, faith and noble courts. A world of vast wilderness full of monsters, barbarians and dark magic. A world of sprawling cities, emerging industries and railroads.

The great crusade, once started to get rid evil both civilized and babarian, has failed. The old powers are back. But their rule is not as absolute as it was before. Decadent tyrants can be overthrown. Traditional injustice is not unchangable. Wilderness can be tamed.
The people know this. Heroes know it.
You act.

Welcome to a world which roughly resembles early 19th century Europe.
The goal of this campaign is to build a rainroad connection to the villages and settlements in the Dunnlanden a vast area of wilderness north of the harbor city of Sweegenborch.
Bogs, swamps, sandy hills with patches of ancient woods, the Dunnlanden have never been an inviting place. But as the city grows, so grows the need for peat to heat the ovens, for wood to build the ships. And of course the city would like to get rid of the monsters that have been haunting the lands for ages, from time to time even threatening the city itself.
But the Dunnlanden have their secrets. Ancient megaithic tombs of chieftains built in ages lost in time still keep their secrets. And it is said that the world is thin here, so things from somewhere else easily get in.

The Dunnlanden
The fallen Empire
The rest of the world

Main Page

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